The police services and fire departments play an essential role in safeguarding some of the basic rights of the citizens, such as the right to live and the right to safety. The firefighters and police are courageous men and women in the service of the community’s safety and quality of life.

Known as the Olympics of police and firefighters, The World police and Fire Games are known today as the second largest international sporting event, offering police officers, firefighters, customs and correction officers from around the world an opportunity to showcase their athletic excellence. Originally founded in 1985 by The Non-profit Organization and The World Police and Fire games federation, the games now boast over 70 countries represented by more than 10,000 competitors participating in over 60 sporting events.

After three decades of development, members from the world's major countries and regions are involved and the event is currently held once every 2 years. 16 cities like New York, Melbourne, Ottawa, Stockholm, Barcelona, already have successfully held the WPFG.

The size and scope of the games continue to grow. Attendance has steadily increased as have the number of countries involved. While attendance averages about 9000, the 2011 WPFG in New York holds the current attendance record with over 16,000 athletes competing in 67 sports from almost 70 countries.

The sports featured in the games are divided into 58 categories. Nearly 100 events ranging from football, table tennis, swimming to shooting are held. There exists no restriction on the basis of police type, age limit and experience as police officials and firefighters from around the world unite to celebrate the spirit of competition. The game not only builds up the bridge of friendship between world police and firefighters, it also provides a great opportunity to facilitate cultural exchanges and cooperation around the globe.

The Indian Fire Service Games 2018 held in India is a stepping stone towards competing in The World Police and Fire games. One of the prime objectives of the event is to form a contingent to represent India in the World Firefighters games and the World Police & Fire Games 2018.