1. Introduction :-

The Fire Service Games Association of India and The Institution of Fire Engineers (India) have been entrusted to organize and conduct 1st Indian Fire Service Games 2018. The games will be held from 2nd Feb. to 4th Feb. 2018 at Nagpur, Maharashtra. The games will be conducted under the aegis of Directorate of Civil Defence, Home Guards and Fire Service, Home Ministry, Govt. of India, New Delhi. The details of Indian Fire Service Games -2018 are available on website www.indianfireservicegames.com

2. Venue of the Tournament :-

IFSG-2018 to be conducted at National Fire Service College (New Campus) and Divisional Sports Complex Mankapur, Koradi Road Nagpur.

3. Reception of Reporting :-

Reception centre with responsible officers will be established at Dr. B.R. Ambedker International Airport and Railway Station Nagpur. This centre will start functioning from 01- Feb-2018 onwards. All contingent commanders are requested to intimate there as well as their teams travel plan well in advance to enable us to arrange proper reception, transport and accommodation. Officers and member of the team shall make their own return journey arrangements. The teams should report by 01-Feb-2018 without fail.

4. Transport :-

Organizing committee will arrange the necessary transport for all the teams. Vehicle for team managers will be pooled. It will not be possible to provide individual vehicle to the officers.

5. Accommodation :-

All the participants will be provided with suitable accommodation in Nagpur. All the Heads of the Fire Service are requested to issue instructions to their participants not to bring their spouse or families with them as the Organizing Committee will not be able to provide additional accommodation for family members.

6. Clinic :-

A clinic for all the team managers and coaches will be held at 15:30 hours on 01-02-2018 followed by full dress rehearsal for the march-past of Opening Ceremony.

7. Opening and Closing Ceremony :-

Opening and Closing ceremony will be held on 02-02-2018 and 04-02-2018 respectively. All the participants shall attend the above mentioned ceremonies without fail.

8. Uniform and Flags :-

All the participating teams are requested to bring ceremonial dress as per season with them. The teams shall also bring their departmental flags of the following dimension:

  1. 6 Feet x 4 Feet - 01 - For hoisting on flag post.
  2. 3 Feet x 2 Feet - 01 - For march past.

9. Medical Facility :-

Adequate medical facility along with a Doctor and an ambulance will be provided at each venue.

10. Rules and Conduct of Championship :-

The 1st Indian Fire Service Games-2018 will be conducted as per rules laid down. Protests, clarifications if any should be lodged by the Team Managers in writing to the Organizing Committee within two hours after the completion of the match along with protest fee Rs. 100/- The decision of the Jury of Appeal shall be final and binding on all the teams.

11. Discipline :-

The Team Managers and Captains are personally responsible for maintenance of highest degree of discipline on and outside the venues during their stay at Nagpur.