1. In order to be eligible to participate in the Indian Fire Service Games, 2018, a person:
    1. Must have attained age of 18 years on 01. 01. 2018 and must be publicly employed as a full-time firefighter.
    2. Must have had firefighter training formally.
    3. Must have been sworn, or appointed, as a firefighter at least 180 days prior to 01. 01. 2018.
  2. IFSG Organising Committee may approve at its discretion additional institutions, individuals and persons having job descriptions, if, after further scrutiny, it is found that duties performed by them correspond to the duties of full time firefighting and employed in public service. Also, retired members of all eligible institutions can participate in these games.
  3. Participants shall carry their valid photo ID at all times during the Games.
  4. No abusive language, violence of any kind, (verbal or physical) or misbehaviour of any kind shall be acceptable. In case of a breach, as determined by the Disciplinary Committee, concerned player/team shall be disqualified.
  5. In case of a dispute, concerned player/team shall have to submit a formal written complaint to the Disciplinary Committee/Games Jury within one hour from the occurrence of the dispute or the end of the match, whichever is later.
  6. Referee's decision shall be final and binding on all matters pertaining to the event/tournament.
  7. Participants/Teams should be prepared to play two matches in a day, if so scheduled.
  8. Participants need to declare any medical condition (which might crop up during the time of play) beforehand. Though medical aid shall be at hand, Organising Committee and the sponsors shall not be responsible for any complication during the event due to lack of sharing of information.
  9. Expenses incurred for medical treatment for competitor shall be borne by the competitor or by the institution one is representing. Only basic medical aid shall be made available in the playing arena by the Organising Committee.
  10. Results shall assume finality only after formal approval by the IFSG.
  11. Participants would not be allowed to challenge or influence the Sports Coordinator regarding their interpretation or knowledge of the Rules under which the events are being held.
  12. Indiscipline or unsportsmanlike behaviour shall not be tolerated before, during or after the Games are over. Any behaviour that brings discredit upon the IFSG, or Law enforcement and Firefighting services in general, shall not be condoned and appropriate consequences shall visit the delinquents. Any verbal or physical assault on officials, fellow participants, spectators, coordinators or volunteers shall invite immediate reprisal and severest of penalties.
  13. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and narcotic drugs shall be prohibited in the sporting arena and by the competitors during the events.
  14. No participant may compete in any IFSG tournament/event under the influence of alcohol or a contraband substance or a prohibited drug.
  15. All persons who are associated with the IFSG shall abide by all Special, Local, State and National laws which apply to those who are present at the IFSG. Any unlawful act during the Games will automatically result in disqualification from the Games and/or in initiation of appropriate action under law.
  16. Restoration of any damage that is caused at the venue or of the facilities provided, attributable to any act of negligence or misconduct of a participant/team, shall be recovered from the participant/team as compensation.
  17. Limitations of space and time at the venue or other limitations of the Organising Committee may limit the number of competitors or teams that may enter a tournament or an event.
  18. Every participant/team shall sign and submit the prescribed registration form to IFSG via the online portal not later than the registration deadline communicated to the institutions/teams/participants, in order to be eligible for participation in the event. If the registration form is not submitted within the deadline, or is incomplete, participation application of the Institute would be liable for rejection as per the sole discretion of the Organising Committee of IFSG.
  19. All events shall be held at the venue, dates and at the time set by Organising Committee of IFSG.
  20. IFSG is first of its kind of Fire Services Games in India. Each sport being organised in IFSG shall be conducted technically according to the Rules and Regulations of its respective National association.
    1. Portable Fire Pump
    2. Extension Ladder Drill